While pursuing my PhD in oceanography, I realized that my love for science is best expressed through writing, communicating, and educating others. Through various outreach events and writing opportunities, I found that translating scholarly science into digestible and compelling stories that capture people’s attention was not only my passion, but my strength. I care about helping other researchers share their science as clearly as possible, working to create content that engages and educates, and editing work for colleagues and clients. I truly enjoy sharing and learning about the ecology of the world we live in and the fascinating natural stories all around us.

Currently, I am a science communications fellow with the Communications and Applications Group of the U.S. Forest Service Pacific Northwest Research Station, immersed in a whole new world of forest and wildlife science. I work with the station’s research scientists to share their findings with the public, policymakers, and resource managers by writing accessible science stories, designing immersive web pages, creating short videos, and crafting creative, engaging new ways to communicate their findings. Check out my work under Portfolio.